In a stunning display of disregard for democracy and the well-being of its citizens, ZANU PF, characteristic of any tyrannical, illegitimate government, has emerged as an active threat. The ruling party’s latest move is akin to holding its citizens hostage, demanding coerced vaccinations as a ransom. While vaccines are essential tools in combating the COVID-19 pandemic, their hasty approval and regulation have raised concerns.

This article unequivocally supports vaccinations but insists on their safe and democratic deployment, respecting the rights of those who, for legitimate reasons, choose not to be vaccinated. It’s also a call to action against ZANU PF’s deceptive tactics, which falsely promise jobs and improved service delivery, all while endangering the unsuspecting public by coercing them into taking vaccines with potentially unknown side effects that might surface months or even years down the line. Such actions are not only unconstitutional but also illegal, as they infringe upon citizens’ fundamental constitutional liberties, including access to healthcare and education.

In reality, ZANU PF has failed to provide meaningful job opportunities or deliver essential services. The party’s track record is marred by economic mismanagement, exorbitant costs, and a preference for seeking medical treatment abroad for its corrupt members. This stark reality highlights the gaping deficiencies in actual service delivery and job creation, making ZANU PF’s actions unjustifiable. Zimbabweans deserve better than truckloads of misery and rushed vaccines with uncertain consequences, which the government may be ill-equipped to address.

ZANU PF’s economic mismanagement has crippled the nation, making it impossible for the party to stabilize, let alone revive, the ailing economy. This stands in stark contrast to the opposition’s demonstrated ability to effect positive change in Zimbabwe during its golden era. The opposition managed to make significant improvements in a matter of weeks, while ZANU PF continues to rely on international aid, such as the World Food Program and countries like Japan, to feed its citizens and organizations like USAID to provide essential primary healthcare. A humanitarian crisis is unfolding, and ZANU PF’s inadequate response only compounds the suffering.

If ZANU PF succeeds in its wholesale violation of the supreme law of the land, Zimbabwe could tragically transform into a one-party state with unchecked power. The party’s history of abusing power for its own benefit raises concerns about the consequences of such a shift. Given the relatively high recovery rate from COVID-19, the drastic measures proposed by ZANU PF seem unjustified and beg the question of who stands to benefit. Full vaccination would potentially lead to by-elections and forthcoming elections, a scenario that ZANU PF is poised to lose. Moreover, it would mean the loss of leverage derived from COVID-19 regulations to suppress dissent and curtail the exercise of constitutional liberties, such as the right to peaceful assembly.

In conclusion, ZANU PF’s coerced vaccination and sanctions threats lack strategic sense. Furthermore, the party lacks the means to enforce these proposed sanctions effectively. The threats to strip citizens of their basic fundamental constitutional freedoms hint at ulterior motives, particularly considering ZANU PF’s demonstrated disinterest in the welfare of the people. The opposition, as exemplified during Zimbabwe’s golden era, remains the only force capable of delivering people-centric policies, revitalizing the economy, and upholding the sanctity of the supreme law of the land. It’s imperative to safeguard democracy and constitutional liberties in Zimbabwe, ensuring that the rights of all citizens are respected and protected.

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