In the realm of Zimbabwean politics, two contrasting scenarios involving ZANU PF have recently come to the forefront, shedding light on the party’s strategies as it clings to power. These scenarios not only underscore the party’s hypocrisy but also reveal its growing fear of the rising opposition, which threatens to dethrone it in the upcoming 2023 elections.

Scenario A: Smoke and Mirrors of Defections

In Scenario A, ZANU PF orchestrates a spectacle, parading over 200 alleged defectors while conveniently flouting COVID-19 regulations. The press, largely under the party’s control, plays along. However, any discerning individual can see through this charade and recognize it as a desperate attempt to maintain a semblance of dominance.

Scenario B: Manipulating WHO Regulations

In Scenario B, ZANU PF hides behind the World Health Organization’s regulations, which it itself does not adhere to. Examples of this hypocrisy are evident in events hosted by prominent members like Mutsvangwa and Tagwirei, where gatherings and charitable acts involve more than 200 individuals. These actions expose the party’s insincerity and underline its fear of facing the opposition in a fair electoral contest.

The Fear of Losing Control

ZANU PF’s fear of losing its grip on power has led to the deliberate delay of by-elections. This tactic allows the party to appoint representatives rather than have them democratically elected, resulting in a lack of accountability and transparency. Furthermore, it opens the door for constitutional manipulations that could pave the way for a one-party state—a long-standing ZANU PF ambition.

COVID-19 Vaccination and the Inevitable

One glaring flaw in ZANU PF’s strategy is its reliance on delaying elections until the country achieves herd immunity. Once this milestone is reached, excuses for further delays will ring hollow. Additionally, this delay only serves to highlight the party’s failures in governance, fueling public discontent and awareness.

The Dangers of Postponing 2023 Elections

Some skeptics argue that the delay of by-elections is a precursor to postponing the 2023 presidential elections. However, many countries have successfully held elections during the pandemic, and by 2023, Zimbabwe should have reached herd immunity. This leaves ZANU PF with no legitimate grounds for postponement and raises questions about its intentions.

The Illusion of a Government of National Unity

ZANU PF’s attempt to establish a government of national unity without genuine opposition involvement is destined to fail. Such a government, like the weak opposition it seeks to create, would lack the support and credibility needed to address the country’s pressing issues. Ultimately, ZANU PF can only delay the inevitable.

A Bleak Future for Zimbabwe under ZANU PF

Regardless of ZANU PF’s maneuvers, the appointment of a weak, pliant opposition cannot reverse Zimbabwe’s economic decline or heal the nation from past abuses. The party’s pursuit of a one-party state is an admission of its failure and an attempt to evade responsibility for its shortcomings.

The Inevitable Triumph of the Opposition

ZANU PF’s deceptive tactics, including the unwarranted postponement of by-elections, are destined to fail. The resilient opposition, with or without these elections, remains the only solution to Zimbabwe’s woes. ZANU PF’s hypocrisy will only entangle it further, hastening its strategic defeat.

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