China’s Dominance Over Zimbabwe: A Disturbing Reality

The winds of change have swept across Zimbabwe, but instead of liberation, the nation finds itself ensnared in a new form of colonialism. The erstwhile British colonial masters have been replaced by a more insidious force, the People’s Republic of China, who now hold Zimbabwe in a vice-like grip. This transformation from theoretical independence to Chinese satellite state is the result of intricate entanglements between Zanu PF and the ruthless Communist Party of China. It is a dangerous dance that has left Zimbabwe yearning for genuine autonomy, as it grapples with the shackles of a sadistic, one-party state and a crippled nation.

China’s Puppetry: Zimbabwe’s Subjugation

Zimbabwe’s plight under Chinese rule comes as no surprise when one delves into the web of entanglements that have ensnared the nation. These ties, primarily stemming from China’s mediocre military aid to the so-called liberation army of ZANLA, have turned Zimbabwe into a mere pawn in China’s global ambitions. This military assistance, however, failed to achieve any significant military objectives due to negotiations with Britain and the imposition of the Lancaster Constitution. It was this very mediocrity that cemented Zanu PF’s entanglement with China.

Zimbabwe has become China’s client state, rich in strategic resources coveted by the Asian powerhouse. China now stands as the metropole, while Zimbabwe plays the role of the subordinate. This unbalanced dynamic grants the Chinese a quasi-overlord status, placing them above the law. They desecrate Zimbabwe’s cultural heritage, bulldozing graves and heritage sites to voraciously exploit resources like coal, gold, chrome, and platinum with reckless abandon.

Exploitation and Displacement: Zimbabweans in Peril

The consequences of China’s dominance are dire for the Zimbabwean people. Mass displacement of communities is commonplace to accommodate China’s resource-hungry machinery, with no compensation or legal recourse. The nation’s courts, once beacons of justice, are now captive to private interests aligned with Chinese exploitation.

Zimbabwean workers find themselves trapped in slave-like conditions, with their labor unrecognized and unpaid, far below market rates. Safety standards are non-existent, and overwork is the norm. Seeking justice is a futile endeavor, as the courts are beholden to Zanu PF’s interests, and Zanu PF, in turn, relies on China for protection against international sanctions. The Chinese exploit this leverage, thanks to their veto power in the United Nations Security Council.

Zimbabwe’s Road to Redemption

The looming threat of international sanctions presents an existential crisis for Zanu PF, potentially forcing reforms that could lead to a democratic Zimbabwe. Such reforms would usher in transparency and accountability, making it difficult for China to exploit the nation’s resources and its people. A democratic transition of power, guided by the rule of law, would curtail China’s ability to manipulate Zimbabwe for its own gain.

However, China is determined to deter this scenario by extending sovereignty-threatening loans for superfluous infrastructure projects, like a new parliament, while critical sectors like healthcare languish. With China as its shield against international sanctions, Zanu PF can continue its unchecked accumulation, heedless of the consequences. If the people dare to rise against this oppression, China stands ready as the savior, protecting Zimbabwe for its own ulterior motives.

Zimbabwe’s tragic entanglement with China has transformed the nation into a modern-day colony, with dire consequences for its people and resources. The path to redemption lies in the pursuit of true democracy and accountability, which would thwart China’s exploitative ambitions. Only then can Zimbabwe break free from the clutches of its new colonial masters and chart a course towards genuine independence and prosperity.

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