As the ominous specter of Delusion 2030 and National Destruction Strategy 1 looms over Zimbabwe, an alarming reality unfolds before us. Auxillia Mnangagwa’s legacy threatens to mock and demean the very families facing eviction, compounding their misery with meager offerings of a single blanket, a substandard bar of soap, questionable cooking oil, and the empty comfort of state-controlled television propaganda. In this dark narrative, she and her husband are the architects of a modern-day colonialism, serving as vassals to China. Ironically, this places Lobengula, the erstwhile king, in a more favorable light, for he was unburdened by illiteracy, international sanctions, or paranoia about foreign agendas.

In an alternative universe, light-years away, the victims of land evictions might find solace and aid from Auxillia. Unfortunately, in our harsh reality, Delusion 2030 and National Destruction Strategy 1 remain as silent as graves, soon to be desecrated, where deceased loved ones rest alongside the living who face forced eviction. What, then, does the supreme law of the land, the constitution, have to say about these dire circumstances?

Regrettably, the constitution, once supreme, now plays second fiddle to Zanu PF, the very party responsible for the Chimoio massacre, which saw women and children brutally killed to replace one occupying colonial force with another, equally ruthless. The constitution now bows to Zanu PF’s desires, rendering it practically obsolete.

The crux of this issue lies in the assertion that all land belongs to the State, a notion enshrined in the constitution itself. This concept serves as the catalyst for the impending eviction of at least sixty percent of Zimbabweans from their ancestral lands, which the constitution paradoxically claims as State property.

One pivotal factor in this crisis is the merging of party and State, leading to the subjugation of the latter by Zanu PF. This unholy alliance has systematically eroded the constitution’s once-supreme authority, rendering it impotent. Consequently, the State now teeters on the precipice of failure and collapse, a situation exacerbated by Zanu PF’s power consolidation tactics and the complicit military’s support.

However, there is a critical point that Zanu PF seems to overlook—the original State, before its corruption by the party, was robust and unblemished by impending failure and collapse. It existed without the sinister influence of a sadistic and criminal party hell-bent on unconstitutional power retention at the constitution’s expense.

Due to this party and State conflation, there is little hope of redress for the displaced communities who will lose their ancestral lands and the resources they’ve stood upon for generations. Astonishingly, even soldiers, war veterans, police officers, and their families are not exempt from these evictions. No party card can shield them from the voracious appetite of China, who seeks to exploit Zimbabwe’s natural resources.

Regrettably, the Southern African Development Community (SADC), which ostensibly stands in solidarity with Zanu PF, remains conspicuously silent about the plight of these communities. The forced evictions epitomize a culture of impunity and disregard for the rule of law, both of which have thrived due to the systematic victimization of the once-supreme, now devalued constitution.

Under Zanu PF’s model, no one will be spared—from the young to the elderly, from war veterans to soldiers. All will be uprooted from their land to facilitate China’s resource exploitation. This crisis starkly underscores the need for international attention and intervention, for without it, Zimbabwe’s populace faces a bleak and uncertain future under Auxillia Mnangagwa’s shadow.

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