In a baffling turn of events, Scarfmore and his cronies have concocted a dubious plan to avoid paying the civil service in the much-needed United States dollars. This move, which reeks of self-interest, threatens the very livelihoods of hardworking civil servants and raises questions about the legitimacy of Scarfmore’s administration.

It’s mind-boggling to think that Scarfmore, along with his wife and associates, recently schemed to siphon off a substantial amount of foreign currency through an inflated tender worth around sixty-five million. Yet now, he is recruiting economists with questionable credentials to defend his administration’s refusal to pay civil servants in the US dollar, the current reserve currency.

What’s even more astonishing is the ruling party’s assumption that the people have forgotten the days when civil servants were compensated in US dollars. Back then, it was a reality, not a pipe dream. The legitimate, innovative, and resilient opposition has consistently challenged Zanu PF’s impracticality and impossibility. This raises the question: why did Scarfmore seize power from the servant leader Chamisa, especially when popular demands like employment opportunities and better healthcare remain unmet, along with the expectation of salaries in US dollars?

Scarfmore’s reluctance to remunerate the civil service in the US dollar can be attributed to his desire to retain control over the printing press. This move would eliminate the option of quantitative easing, a practice where more money is injected into the economy. Dubious economists like Mangudya and Mthuli have used this tactic to deceive the public. Scarfmore even ridiculed the local currency, indicating his eagerness to receive US dollars meant for disaster relief in Chimanimani, a region devastated by Cyclone Idai. The Scarfmore administration’s lack of preparedness and outdated technology further underscores its inadequacy.

Without control over the printing press, Scarfmore’s illegitimate regime would be forced to exercise fiscal discipline, curbing profligacy and corruption within government ministries. This, in turn, would weaken his patronage system, as loyal appointees would no longer benefit from reckless money printing. Scarfmore’s refusal to remunerate civil servants in US dollars is a calculated move to maintain his grip on power amidst factional strife within Zanu PF.

By clinging to this policy, Scarfmore prioritizes his own interests over the well-being of the nation. His reluctance to embrace the US dollar threatens the livelihoods of civil servants and exposes his administration’s failure to address the country’s pressing issues. It is high time that Zanu PF relinquishes power and makes way for a more accountable and responsible leadership that truly cares for the welfare of its citizens.

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