As Zimbabwe grapples with a persistent political spectacle, the country finds itself at the threshold of yet another series of by-elections. Scheduled for February 3, these elections are being scrutinized as an extravagant expense by a government already struggling with financial constraints. This decision to channel significant public funds into the electoral process is drawing widespread criticism, particularly as it comes at a time when the nation’s hospitals are in a state of decay and its roads are deteriorating.

The backdrop to this situation is a prolonged political charade that has plagued Zimbabwe for years. The ruling party’s insistence on maintaining a one-party state agenda has led to a series of decisions that prioritize political machinations over critical public services. The upcoming by-elections are seen as the latest manifestation of this agenda, widely regarded as unnecessary and a lavish expenditure of scarce public resources.

Critics argue that the government’s decision to proceed with these by-elections is a blatant misallocation of funds. Zimbabwe’s economy, already reeling under various pressures, can ill-afford such extravagance. The cost of conducting these elections is substantial, and many contend that this money could be better spent on improving the country’s crumbling healthcare infrastructure and repairing its dilapidated roads.

Hospitals across Zimbabwe are in dire straits. Medical facilities lack basic equipment and supplies, and healthcare workers are often forced to work under challenging conditions with inadequate support. The situation is so grave that in some areas, hospitals are unable to provide even the most basic healthcare services to the population. This neglect has led to a decline in the overall health and well-being of the populace, with preventable diseases becoming increasingly prevalent.

Moreover, the country’s infrastructure, particularly its road network, is in a state of disrepair. The roads, plagued by potholes and a general lack of maintenance, pose a significant risk to public safety and hinder economic activities. The transportation of goods and services is severely affected, impacting the livelihoods of many, especially those in rural areas.

The government’s insistence on going ahead with the by-elections is being viewed as a tactic to consolidate power rather than a genuine effort to facilitate democratic processes. This perception is fueled by the fact that the ruling party has historically used such elections to strengthen its grip on power, often at the expense of the broader needs and aspirations of the Zimbabwean people.

In conclusion, as Zimbabwe prepares for these by-elections, there is a growing sense of frustration and disillusionment among its citizens. Many see these elections as an unnecessary diversion of resources that could be better used to address the pressing issues facing the country. The government’s priorities are being questioned, and there is a palpable sense of urgency for a change in approach – one that puts the needs of the people and the nation above political ambitions.

This situation in Zimbabwe is a stark reminder of the delicate balance between political aspirations and the fundamental needs of a nation. As the by-elections approach, the world watches to see if Zimbabwe will continue down this path or if there will be a shift towards prioritizing the well-being of its people over political gains. The answer to this will not only shape the future of Zimbabwe but also serve as a lesson for other nations facing similar challenges.

  1. Your CCC is the one costing the government a lot of money by doing recalls and now by-elections. Your articles are too partisan and if you think we don’t see it, tough lucky because what our President ED is doing is visible and he is a man of the people. I hate you and your blog, people like you just don’t deserve the internet privilege and even life itself.

  2. You are a pathetic liar Chido or whatever your name is. ZANU PF won elections freely and fairly and does not in any way influence how ZEC is administered.
    Stop spreading fake information and propaganda.

  3. ZANU PF uses the army to rig elections and this is why results were announced midnight and no room was given to verify the results. It’s sad. Democracy is undermined.

  4. You stupid girl you think you’re untouchable. You think we have forgotten about you. We are waiting for you in Zengeza 3.

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