In the intricate dance of power, loyalty can be a fragile thing. Just as one must nourish and care for loyal guard dogs to ensure they protect against perceived threats, political entities often employ similar tactics to secure the allegiance of their protectors. This article delves into the intriguing world of ZANU PF and its approach to maintaining power, drawing a parallel with the care of faithful canines.

The Military: ZANU PF’s Loyal Hounds

Much like a tradition, ZANU PF ensures its military, likened to loyal hounds, remains content. The recent appointment of 300 lieutenant-colonels, coupled with requests for luxury vehicles, exemplifies this practice. Astonishingly, these expenses are to be covered by the beleaguered 5.5 million Zimbabweans, who grapple with poverty, informal economies, and mounting debts, all orchestrated by ZANU PF.

These gestures serve as gratitude for the military’s role in the illegal coup that preserved ZANU PF’s grip on power. In essence, it’s a quid pro quo – vehicles and appointments in exchange for unwavering protection.

The Silent Sufferers: The Military’s Foot Soldiers

This article, however, zeroes in on the unsung heroes of the military – the foot soldiers who enforce ZANU PF’s repressive policies on the streets. They are denied the opulence enjoyed by their superiors, while their families face an uncertain future amid a man-made crisis and famine. Public schools struggle, teachers strike, and healthcare remains inaccessible.

These foot soldiers have the most to lose, both personally and for their children’s futures. Yet, they continue to execute ZANU PF’s repressive agenda, eroding citizens’ rights to assembly and expression.

Quantitative Easing: A Deceptive Tactic

ZANU PF employs a deceptive tactic reminiscent of quantitative easing in economics. By paying substantial salaries to the military and prioritizing security sectors, the regime seeks to deter any legitimate acquisition of power by the people. It’s not an act of goodwill; rather, it’s a strategic move to protect its grip on power.

An Inevitable Change

However, history reminds us that no amount of wealth or appeasement can quell the tide of change. The people’s yearning for democracy, economic growth, and participatory governance will eventually triumph over ZANU PF’s tactics.

Inflating Problems: A Relaxed Lockdown

Ironically, ZANU PF’s quantitative easing leads to the very problem it aims to mitigate – inflation. The general populace is excluded from economic interventions meant to alleviate their suffering.

As the military benefits, a relaxed lockdown follows, portraying ZANU PF’s disregard for its citizens’ struggles. It’s a short-term tactic that underscores the regime’s apathy.

A Bleak Future for ZANU PF

In its desperate bid to inoculate itself against an inevitable transition of power, ZANU PF’s strategy may backfire. The printing press won’t silence the awakening of its foot soldiers or halt the rising inflation.

The military, once loyal hounds, may turn against ZANU PF, or perhaps, constitutionally align with the genuine opposition. The people’s triumph may be just around the corner.

In the end, ZANU PF’s strategy of cushioning its power through appeasing the military could prove futile in the face of a resolute populace seeking change.

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