In January 2020, the very president who had elevated the interests of the fuel cartel by hiking fuel prices, amidst his close ties to the Zuva fuel retailer, is now the same leader threatening to bar citizens from public places and essential services, all while service delivery crumbles. This president, with a 10% stake in a company pushing to displace the Chilonga people from their ancestral lands, and his party, Zanu PF, demonstrate a disturbing indifference towards the welfare of their citizens. This article reveals that Zanu PF’s actions reflect a clear disregard for public interests, even to the detriment of international organizations like the World Food Program.

The forced vaccinations have raised grave concerns, primarily centered on the lack of democratic values exhibited by the government. Under no circumstances should a government coerce mass vaccinations or strip citizens of access to fundamental public services such as healthcare and education, both protected by the constitution. The very government that oversaw the gukurahundi ethnic cleansing, and used lethal force against protesters after the 2018 elections and petrol protests, now appears to be concerned about public well-being? The history of heavy-handed human rights violations suggests otherwise. President Mnangagwa’s actions, particularly when it comes to consolidating his power and wealth, reveal his true intentions.

The pressing question emerges: how does coerced vaccination benefit Mnangagwa and Zanu PF? It seems that achieving herd immunity through vaccinations could lead to the suspension of by-elections, which the opposition is poised to win, and potentially secure their hold on the 2023 elections, where an increasingly politically aware population may vote for the opposition. So, why would Zanu PF pursue a course that could result in their ousting from power? The answer lies in profit. The urgency surrounding vaccinations, coupled with severe threats and calculated violations of constitutional liberties, such as access to education and healthcare, make it evident that profit is the driving force behind these actions.

This blatant disregard for the welfare of the people underscores Zanu PF’s true motives. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be mandating a vaccine that has already claimed a life, as evidenced by a tragic incident in Gutu where an individual supposedly died after receiving the Sinopharm vaccine from China. The fact that Zanu PF has not suspended the use of this vaccine further reinforces the suspicion that their primary concern is profit. While countries like Denmark, Iceland, and the Netherlands have paused certain vaccinations due to concerns like clotting, the reaction of countries that prioritize citizen welfare over profit would likely have been more cautious regarding potentially unsafe vaccines from China and elsewhere.

In addition to monetary kickbacks for endorsing these unsafe vaccines, Zanu PF gains protection against United Nations sanctions, thanks to China’s veto power in the Security Council. Consequently, Zanu PF obtains a blank check to continue its rampant violations of human rights and property, along with further looting.

Zanu PF is not only intensifying its ongoing violation of human rights but is also complicit in neglecting fundamental human rights such as access to healthcare and education. This negligence, combined with a brain drain among the workforce responsible for these services, exposes Zanu PF’s profit-driven agenda. By endorsing unsafe vaccines, Zanu PF risks turning Zimbabweans into guinea pigs, all while seeking protection on the international stage. The welfare of the citizens appears to be secondary to their pursuit of financial gain.

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