Inflation in Zimbabwe, driven by the shortcomings of Scarfmore’s illegitimate and unconstitutional administration, shows no signs of abating. This stark reality became painfully apparent during a recent Black Friday event, leaving thousands of Zimbabweans disheartened. Expecting significant price reductions, they were met with only marginal discounts. For many, this was a futile attempt at saving money while trying to afford more. Unfortunately, in an environment where inflation aggressively erodes people’s earnings and purchasing power, such hopes are in vain.

It’s almost comical to hear the Minister of Finance and some economists, known for towing the government line, insist that inflation is easing. While this may be government propaganda aimed at maintaining the status quo, the truth on the ground paints a different picture. Civil service salaries have stagnated while the cost of living continues to skyrocket. The real exchange rate, unaffected by Zanu PF’s influence, appears to conspire against the people as well.

Public sector employees, who have few alternatives, find their salaries unable to afford the same goods and services as before. Prices of goods and services from public enterprises and parastatals have adjusted repeatedly to keep up with inflation. For instance, electricity costs have risen more than three times in a single year, and even subsidized transportation, dominated by Zanu PF-connected operators, occasionally increases fares. Meanwhile, the bulk of the population faces diminishing purchasing power due to taxes and inflation.

It’s worth noting that during the brief period of the Government of National Unity, internationally mediated and overseen by the free world, inflation was nonexistent. There were no disparities between the cost of living and people’s earnings. Even those who claim to be war veterans would attest that their monthly stipend of five hundred was worth more than the fifty thousand they received on the Black Friday that marked the collapse of the Zimbabwean dollar and the ensuing inflation in 2008.

This inflationary crisis will only worsen as long as Scarfmore and his party of ailing individuals remain in power unconstitutionally. Inflation is not just a symptom of Zanu PF’s failure; it is a harbinger of the nation’s impending collapse. It’s essential to remember that the current inflation rate pales in comparison to the levels the opposition faced when they assumed power during the Government of National Unity. The legitimate opposition has demonstrated its ability and discipline in addressing issues like inflation and unemployment, making it the antidote to this crisis.

As Zimbabweans grapple with the relentless inflationary pressures, the hope for change lies in the hands of those committed to upholding democratic principles and restoring the nation’s economic stability. Scarfmore’s rule has only exacerbated the problem, and a brighter future hinges on embracing a legitimate and innovative leadership that can steer the country away from the precipice of economic collapse.

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