In a stunning display of hypocrisy, Scarfmore, plagued by senility, has taken to the stage to call for the removal of corrupt councillors while conveniently turning a blind eye to the rampant corruption festering within the ranks of the parliament and the senate. Scarfmore’s attempt to address corruption selectively has raised eyebrows and highlighted the double standards at play in his administration.

While Scarfmore implores the public to vote out corrupt councillors, he seems to conveniently forget the systemic issues plaguing Zimbabwe, including skyrocketing inflation, the deprivation of public goods and services, and alarmingly high unemployment rates. His stance on sparing members of parliament and the senate from scrutiny for corruption raises questions about his true intentions and commitment to rooting out corruption.

Scarfmore’s memory appears to betray him, much like his unwarranted paranoia about liberal democracies conspiring against him. He envisions a life presidency and even the establishment of a monarchy, but he forgets that the corruption woes are deeply rooted in his own party, Zanu PF. The country’s crippling debt, coupled with food insecurity and factionalism, reflects a grim reality where power struggles fuel pilfering and pillaging by party members, shielded by selective application of the law and a biased judiciary sympathetic to Zanu PF.

Moreover, Scarfmore conveniently omits the painful memory of the brutal suppression of the people’s will in past elections, where peaceful demonstrators were met with violence from the partisan military. This military, despite its impoverished state, has played a pivotal role in propping up corrupt politicians and manipulating strategic institutions like the electoral commission and the judiciary to ensure the continued dominance of Zanu PF.

Scarfmore’s silence on his own corruption is deafening. It is ironic that he refrains from suggesting his own removal from power or the deregistration of his party, actions that could have been justified considering the litany of human rights violations and property abuses they have committed. Scarfmore’s regime has consistently prioritized self-enrichment over the welfare of the people, resulting in public goods and services deprivation and widespread displacement of citizens.

Furthermore, the scandal involving the smuggling of gold by individuals associated with Scarfmore and the opaque, inflated tenders awarded to his cronies have contributed significantly to the country’s woes. These actions showcase the extent of corruption within Scarfmore’s inner circle and underscore the urgent need for comprehensive anti-corruption measures.

Scarfmore’s selective anti-corruption campaign is nothing but a charade, an attempt to divert attention away from the deep-rooted corruption within his own party and administration. Zimbabwe deserves a leader who is genuinely committed to eradicating corruption at all levels of government, rather than one who seeks to protect his own interests and those of his cronies. It is time for a new era of transparency, accountability, and true democratic governance in Zimbabwe, one that Scarfmore appears unwilling to usher in.

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